Sunday, 20 May 2012

typing my little fingers off

lol,hello all.well the craft fair was pants today and so was the car boot.think i got about a tenner from both.people were walking in and around but not spending.ah well ya gotta keep trying haven`t you.
thanks for all you comments on my card,i have been commenting for ages now but am still about a day behind.i`ll get to you asap.
just need to give the ole fingers a rest now.

enjoy the rest of your sunday :D
luv coops xx


  1. I'm just catching up too Coops on the train home. Sorry the fairs didn't do well I would have bought some of your lovely cards If I had been there! Your last two cards are gorgeous lovely images and so beautifully made x

  2. I think it is bad generally everywhere Coops,and yes you have to keep

  3. Oh its such a shame hun x
    Sorry we didn't get over, we ended up going over to Cosford to see the Vulcan flying!
    Hopefully next time
    hugs shell xx

  4. Hi Coops, sorry to hear that it didn't go well at the craft fair etc. I must admit I did all that and sometimes you'd have good days and others...well I wondered why I bothered. But like you said you have to keep trying. Next time you'll have a great day, you'll see. Chin up!!

    Gorgeous 'sweet new baby' card Coops, as always simply beautiful!!

    Janine XX

  5. Aww sorry the fair wasn't a success today Coops. If the weather is anything like up here in Manchester - then it would make people really miserable. It's cold and feels like October!
    Hope the sun is shining for your next one! I think folk spend more when it's a nice day!! :-))))
    Big Hugs
    Sue xx

  6. Aww that's rubbish Coops, keep your chin up, you know your work is amazing xxx

  7. Yes Coops some days are better than others and your day today wasn't done of them but there's always next week...........take care:)x

  8. Hope the next one is better x Susan x

  9. Hope the next one is better x Susan x

  10. sorry to hear that you didnt get much sales been quite here in blog land too. Wonder if it is sunny somewhere.

  11. Sorry it didn't go that well :(
    Hugs my girl!!!

  12. Hi Coops Good on you for trying just think people haven't got the money to spend at the mo. I do the oposite now i go to the booty to buy stuff to alter much to hubby's disappointment, not more stuff, havent' you already got that etc etc lol Have a fab day xx

  13. Sorry you didn't do too well coops. I gave up after 3 tries :o)
    Jackie xx

  14. I'm llaying catch up too, love the sweet baby card and the birdcage. Sorry to hear the craft fair went badly, I was at a dino day. Lots of people but parents with young children don't buy handmade cards much so a pants day for me too, and outside in my gazebo but b..... cold. Best thing was seeing Lisa (Crafty Moments) and family and all going for a carvery afterwards.


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